Big Band

Kongolela  NOK 650,-

African inspired composition needing a good deal of rhythmic energy in both wind and rhythm section. Drum solo possible.

Gaven (The Gift)  NOK 600,-

Gaven was written as a commission for Hegra Hornmusikk and dedicated to baritone player Geir Ulseth. Tranquil and evocative melody line over a challenging rhythm backing. The piece requires a baritone or tenor sax soloist.

Domen (The Dome)  NOK 600,-

Composition based on the spontaneous expression of Norwegian folk music. The melodic and harmonic solutions create a lyrical and sensitive feel. “Domen” is both written about and intended for Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, with its particular timbre and feeling of space as a backdrop.

Bruremarsj (Wedding March)  NOK 650,-

This is the original arrangement of the composition Bruremarsj. This is perhaps Førde’s best know and most played composition. This was used as the official wedding march on the occasion of the wedding of Princess Märtha Louise and Ari Behn in Trondheim in 2002.

Lokkeslåtten (Come Hither)  NOK 650,-

Medium tempo composition with its roots in Norwegian folk music. The melody line is placed over a challenging rhythm accompaniment. Opening for solo improvisation.

Kesaule  NOK 650,-

A fresh African melody that comes from Tanzania. The musicians also perform as a choir and a lead singer (in Swahili) is needed. Solo trumpet or sax improvisation.

Troll  NOK 600,-

Sister Rosie  NOK 500,-

Sana sananina  NOK 500,-

A lyrical and beautiful African melody. The piece is slight to begin with, then builds its dynamic dramatically. A simple African text is included so that the melody parts may be sung if desired.