Brass Quintet + Drums

Kongolela  NOK 400,-

African inspired composition needing a good deal of rhythmic energy in both wind and rhythm section. Drum solo possible.

Ejala  NOK 400,-

Lyrical composition with its roots in African music. The piece has an open section for ad.lib. improvisation.

Domen (The Dome)  NOK 400,-

Composition based on the spontaneous expression of Norwegian folk music. The melodic and harmonic solutions create a lyrical and sensitive feel. “Domen” is both written about and intended for Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, with its particular timbre and feeling of space as a backdrop.

Bruremarsj (Wedding March)  NOK 400,-

This is the original arrangement of the composition Bruremarsj. This is perhaps Førde’s best know and most played composition. This was used as the official wedding march on the occasion of the wedding of Princess Märtha Louise and Ari Behn in Trondheim in 2002.

Seterslått (Mountain Air)  NOK 400,-

Seterslått was composed for the Olympic Games in Lillehammer in 1994. The main theme is inspired by the characteristic tones of the Hardanger fiddle. A challenging base line is coupled with an intense rhythm. The melody line is fresh and requires a good deal of energy. Drum solo possible.

Lite bane (Little Child)  NOK 350,-

A beautiful lullaby from North Norway. The piece requires a flugelhorn, trumpet or cornet soloist. The use of musical boxes in the intro and finale can make for a fine effect to accompany the soloist. The piece is particularly suited to performance in church.

Kronprinsparets bryllupsmarsj (Wedding March for the Crown Prince and Crown Princess)  NOK 400,-

Commission for Norges Musikkorpsforbund. Written as a gift for the wedding of the Crown Prince and Princess in 2001. The piece has the tonal dialect of Norwegian folk music, joined to a rap-like centre section that demands rhythmic energy.

Lokkeslåtten (Come Hither)  NOK 400,-

Medium tempo composition with its roots in Norwegian folk music. The melody line is placed over a challenging rhythm accompaniment. Opening for solo improvisation.

Troll  NOK 400,-

Reel  NOK 400,-